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Steel Johnson

How memorable do you want your event to be?

Injecting the right Magic into your event will build the excitement, enhance the atmosphere and increase the energy, as well as having everyone talking about your event long after it has ended. Steel provides interactive and emotionally engaging Magic right in front of your guests.

A Royal Marines Commando turned illusionist, Steel has carried over the standards and values ingrained in him, into his Magic business. Determination and professionalism are traits that have accelerated Steel to the circles in which he now works. Although performing for high-end corporate companies, celebrities and Royalty, Steel’s passion for Magic means he is still available for bookings for private parties, weddings and dinners.

“Watching people buzz from seeing my Magic, makes me buzz, it’s amazing to see the excitement build, thats why I keep performing”

– Steel


“It’s easy to get bogged down with the busy, fast paced lives that we all lead. When I perform, I take people away from these problems and almost break their reality, releasing this positive energy. It makes them smile and that in turn makes me smile”

Steel Johnson

Anna Gough

Absolutely incredible talent and what a wonderful humble human being. A real treat having you with us at our wedding party.

Christopher Pitt

Best magician I have ever seen!!! You will not be disappointed.

Amanda Godfrey

Steel came to show us some magic at my wedding last weekend. All I can say is WOW! Literally the best magician I have ever seen. So clever, me and all our guests were amazed by him. So talented in what he does. If you ever get a chance to see him or thinking of a magician for your wedding/ birthday any event then steel is the man to do it. Thankyou for making our special day even more magical

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